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Custom Design Soapstone Wood Buring Stove


Soapstone masonry heaters are used extensively in Europe, especially in Germany and in Nordic countries, where it is really cold, and heating is very expensive. For those with unique requirements, we can custom design and engineer your very own soapstone masonry heater based to fit your interior space. Heaters are available with integrated bake ovens, sitting benches, double fire view, etc.

All our heaters are designed in Germany using state of the art CAD technology. The quality of the soapstone we use to manufacture our products is unmatched, Unlike other heaters that use thinner soapstones inside the firebox, all our heaters are manufactured with 60mm (2 3/8") thick soapstone inside and outside, improving the heat storage and capacity of the unit.

Its excellent heat-storage and heat-conductivity make soapstone more suitable than any other material for stove building. The air remains clean, the floor and walls are comfortably warm, and the air's humidity remains stable.