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Heating with Soapstone

Soapstone masonry heaters are renowned for their practicality, efficiency, and beauty. In a world where the price of gas and oil are constantly rising, homeowners are seeking cheaper and more environmentally conscious solutions. Our heaters are the perfect long-term solution.

Our fireplaces utilize contraflow technology, which means that the heat is directed through channels within the heaters before being released through a chimney. This allows the heater to absorb and disperse more heat than a traditional fireplace, where much of the energy is wasted by being immediately released to the chimney.

The fire in a masonry heater is meant to burn down to ashes. Unlike a traditional fireplace, the soapstone continues to emit heat for 12-24 hours after the fire has extinguished. This means less time stoking the fire and more time for your family to enjoy a radiantly warm, central location for quality time.

This technology has been used to heat homes in Northern Europe and Scandinavia for centuries. We now offer these tried-and-true masonry heaters in the United States. Browse our products to find the perfect heater for your home!